Holy Bible Faith Center is a ministry of "Discipleship" which means
'grass roots' basics that are essential to spiritual growth. We
believe in teaching the basics to all Believer's, especially new
Christians who need a firm foundation on which to grow. Once
Believers have been taught the basic principles of the doctrine of
Christ (Hebrews 6:1) which are the first principles of the oracles
of God, the teachings leave the basics and go on to 'strong meat'
that the Believers might become skillful in the word of
righteousness, thereby becoming the disciples that Jesus Christ has
called them to be.

All of our ministers and teachers are ordained. They have
completed the following courses:

•Basic Bible Knowledge

•Angels Dispensation

•Ancient Bible History I & II

• Advanced Bible Comprehension

•Christian Orientation

•Bible Chronology I & II

•Book of The Revelation I & II

Take advantage of our after school tutoring, GED classes and Spanish classes:
Mon-Fri 6-8 PM.  Call 409-434-2151 to reserve your spot.

Earn a Theology Degree from our accredited school.  Your wait is over! 
The Lord's Outreach International School of Theology
is coming to Beaumont.
Classes are scheduled to begin August 26, 2016 @ Holy Bible Faith Center.
Hurry and secure your space as classes are filling up fast.
For more information, contact Chancellor Dr. Russell Benoit @ 337-249-3144 or
Dr. Yolanda G. Duriso @ 409-466-1744

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